Site back online

Posted by Nentify on 24 August 2015, 2:27 PM

My apologies for the downtime recently, I have been quite busy over the last couple of weeks. The site and wiki have been migrated to a new dedicated server and are both now back online and fully functional.

EnderIO 2.3 and Other News

Posted by tterrag on 18 February 2015, 5:15 AM

What's going on:

With the release of 2.2.8, EnderIO 2.2 has come to a close. I have now begun work on 2.3, which means I can feel safe in making some more major changes.


What's coming next:

The first major change coming to 2.3 will be new textures. With the gracious help of CyanideX, we are beginning a full retexture of the mod. A lot of the new textures can already be found in the dev builds. This does mean a bit of work for the wonderful texture pack artists out there, but in the end the way things are textured in the mod should be a lot neater and will make everyone's lives easier going forward.

Next, I will be working on some features suggested on github and a special feature suggested by none other than Direwolf20 himself. Its exact purpose will remain "secret" for now, but I will say it is going to build off the existing travel anchor feature.

Other News:

Most of you have probably noticed the lack of CrazyPants' interaction in the project. Please have patience in the matter, as he has been feeling under the weather for some time now, and also has a family to attend to. He has neither abandoned nor quit the project, and will return at some point once he is feeling up to it. For the time being, myself and the many helpful people on IRC will continue to maintain the mod for the forseeable future.


Thank you for reading and here's to the next great version of EnderIO!

EnderIO 2.2.0

Posted by tterrag1098 on 11 November 2014, 10:00 AM

EnderIO 2.2.0!

What started as a simple update has snowballed into one of the biggest changes the mod has seen for a while.

What has changed?

Buildcraft Support

The BuildCraft API has been completely removed from the mod, and all MJ usage is gone as well. EnderIO is now fully an RF mod.
This does not mean that it will no longer support BC features, you can still use all the BC fuels in the combustion generator, and use BC compatible wrenches, etc. The mod is still compatible with the 6.0 releases of BC, but it will be missing some features such as liquid fuels.

ME Conduits

We are proud to announce the reintroduction of one of the most missed features from 1.6, ME Conduits!
You can once again run your ME lines with your EnderIO conduit bundles. The ME Conduits are unfinished, but stable. I have plans to implement Dense ME Conduits, and bus support. For now, you must still place buses and other parts on AE2 Cables.

ME conduits support 8 channels, and unlike regular AE2 cables can be prevented from connecting to adjacent things per-side via the wrench or GUI.

Computer Craft Support

We have had a very nice PR from Vexatos that adds Computer Craft support to the insulated redstone conduits. They now support the CC bundled cable API and you can control their colored signals from computers.


Finally, many of the APIs that used to be shipped with the mod have been removed, so hopefully less issues with conflicting APIs will arise.

Too many other things to list here

Please checkout the changelog on github or curseforge for the full list of changes.


Thanks to everyone else who submitted issues or PRs for this update, it's a good one :)

Welcome to the Zoo

Posted by CrazyPants on 01 November 2014, 8:20 PM

The mobs that started appearing in Ender IO have now been moved to a seperate mod called Ender Zoo. The first version has been released with the addition of Fallen Knights to keep the Enderminies and Concussion Creepers company. Watch out for the mounted archers, you might want to bring a bow to that fight...

As part of Ender Zoo there are xml files to control mob spawning. These file can also be used to adjust the spawning of other minecraft and modded mobs so config away!

I would also like to say and big thanks to Nentify for the spiffy new look to web page.

For some awesome YouTube content on/using EnderIO make sure you check out:






And dont forget you can all ping me on twiiter @CrazyPantsMC or catch me on the #EnderIO channel on IRC.