A mod developed by CrazyPants which adds compact liquid conduits, energy conduits and redstone conduits, power generation, machinery, remote area access (enderIO), transceivers and more

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To install, simply download and install Minecraft Forge, and then download the appropriate version below, and put it in your mods folder. The source code can be find on Github.

Minecraft 1.7.10 Minecraft 1.6.4
EnderIO 2.0_beta.182 EnderIO 1.0.6
Forge Forge
Download EnderIO 2.0_beta.182 for 1.7.10 Download EnderIO 1.0.6 for 1.6.4

Latest News

Even better than patreon!

Anyone who has wanted to show some support for EIO using their hard earned $'s now have a way. 

I would be exteremely grateful for any donations made to http://www.hypersomniaresearch.org/ to help find a cure to a condition that has severely affected my life, and the life of many others. Thanks of course already to go everyone in the 'EIO communtiy' for helping keep me active and sane.


Big changes in 1.7 alpha 89


First the warning: The latest 1.7 release contains some major changes accross the entire code base, so please backup your worlds before updating, just in case. You should also delete your config as it has undergone a major clean-up, thanks to VapourDrive.

Then the thanks: Big thankyou for tterrag for doing the majority of the network/packet rewrite that was needed due to fix memory leak issues. This was a big painful job that should result in no noticable change. That will teach me for blindly following a tutorial ;)

The new Stuff

This update adds a new source of power, Zombie Heads in jars! Make sure you keep them well feed with nutrient solution (made in the vat) and all the RFs are yours. Please, dont tell them you are feeding them their own flesh, they might go on strike if they find out.

A new simple auto crafter has also been added, just waiting for a texture that doesnt cause bleeding from the eyes. Appoligies for the dev 'art'.

The final major change is an overhaul of the item conduits. There is now only a single item conduit which can have its filters and speed upgraded independantly (more eye bleeding, sorry). At this stage there are only upgrades to re-produce existing functionality but expect some new fancy filters soon. Existing conduits should 'auto-magically' be converted to the new system with appropriate upgrades etc, but do check your old filters are still in place.

The recipes for the new items and blocks may not be well balanced (or even make sence) so feedback / suggested changes very welcome.


The Big Fix

While looking into some reported perfromance issues I discovered a serious issue effecting all machines dating back to my first days of MC modding. The result of the issue was that I was spamming the client with client chunk updates producing large amounts of network raffic and terrible client side performance. This has now been resolved and users experiancing FPS issues while using EIO should see a major improvement.



Big update for 1.7.2 and bug fixes for 1.6.4

For 1.7.2:

IMPORTANT: You will need to delete all dark steel armour / tools / swords or they will not work properly.

IMPORTANT: You need to delete you config file before updating or all sorts of strange things will happen (and not just to you!)


Here are the main changes:

- New machine IO system and UI. Check out the great video from Vaygrim:



- New mechanic to get > 2x ore processing using the SAG Mill. Udaldor has a great guide here:



- New upgrade system for the Dark Steel armour/tools

   - Requires an item and experience for each upgrade (performed in the anvil)

   - Items are repairable and enchantable

   - If powered, half of all durability damage is adsorbed by power

   - Upgrades provide functionality not available through enchantment and use power

     - Boots: 'step assist', higher single jumps and up to triple jumps

     - Leggings: 'speed I, II and III'  


- Vat and Combustion Generator

  - Basically functionality and behavior now finalised.

   - Recipes for fuel made in the vat have been balanced (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GYr2PBl5oYC96_kfejsi0iGRXL2gb1dCMPpLZKWKAhQ/edit#gid=0) 

- NEI suport for the Vat added



- Merged bug fixes from 1.0.2

- Travel staff behaviour much improved. Default range increased

- EIO loot found in chests reduced

- NEI integration improved

- More detailed tooltips added to all EIO items

- Config options to add fuel value tool tips to all furnace fuels and build craft fluids

- Ender IO block default range increased 



Bug fixes, boring.

Updates for 1.6.4 and 1.7.2

Version 1.0.1 for 1.6.4 has been released fixing a slew of bugs, including a couple of nasty ones effecting performance.

Alpha 20 for 1.7.2 has also been uploaded, with the major highlight the re-intergartion of NEI for the SAG Mill and Alloy Furnace plus an all new NEI handler for the Vat.


Extra Information

Bugs & Feature Requests

If you are having an issue, or want to discuss any features, please use the Minecraftforum thread found here. If you have a specific bug to report or a feature to request, please use the issue tracker or the wiki found at the Github page here.

Redistribution & Modpacks

EnderIO binaries may be distributed as part of any mod pack. Attribution and a link pack to this forum post would be appreciated. It would also be nice if you let me know when you add it a mod pack by sending me a PM. Please don't redistribute the binaries out side of a mod pack without asking first or I will be all sad.


EnderIO is licensed under the WTFPL license (do what the f*** you want to public license).