A mod developed by CrazyPants which adds compact liquid conduits, energy conduits and redstone conduits, power generation, machinery, remote area access (enderIO), transceivers and more

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To install, simply download and install Minecraft Forge, and then download the appropriate version below, and put it in your mods folder. The source code can be find on Github.

Minecraft 1.7.10 Minecraft 1.6.4
EnderIO EnderIO 1.0.6
Forge Forge
Download EnderIO for 1.7.10 Download EnderIO 1.0.6 for 1.6.4

Latest News

2.1 is released

Version 2.1 is now out of beta. Be warned though, there have been some signifcant changes that could break some builds. The most important of these is that EIO will no longer accept input from MJ engines. Make sure you delete your config and read the 'Important Notes' section in the change log on curse forge.

If you wish to stay with 2.0 for now I have uploaded a final 2.0 release which is available here: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/64578-ender-io/files/2215825

Thanks to everyone who has helped with ideas, testing and everything else required to make EIO happen. A special thanks to tterrag for all his help with the code and everything else EIO.

Enjoy the many new toys. There will hopefully be a spotlight on the new features available soon.



Version 2.1 about done

I have just uploaded what will hopefully be the final 2.1 beta here:


Everything is now stable and just needs one fina round of testing just to make sure. Lots of new toys, let me kow what you think.

New beta version uploaded

MJ Changes

In this release I have re-enabled the output of MJ from conduits. EIO generators and cap. banks still wont output MJ, and nothing will be able to receive MJ.


Dark Steel Upgrades

As well as plenty of bug fixes, there are also quite a few new toys including the 'Travel' and 'Spoon' dark steel upgrades.

The travel upgrade allows The Ender and Dark Steel pick to be used like the travel staff when holding shift, while the spoon upgrades gives the pickaxe the powers of the shovel.


Powered Spawner

Powered Spawners can now spawn any mob type (including those from mods). To get a custom spawner you must acquire a broken spawner and capture one of the mobs you wish to spawn in a soul vial. These two items are then placed in the Soul Binder, which will create a broken spawner with the new mob type. This is then combined with a powered spawner in the anvil as before.

To aid in balancing this new functionality new config files have been added (PoweredSpawnerConfig_Core/_Uer.json). These files specify a power multiplier for each mob type. If a mob type has a multiplier of 5, running the spawner at full speed will require five times the power of a mob with a multiplier of 1. The base power use values are still in the config. This file also contains a blacklist to prevent spawners for particular mobs from being created.

The current values are completely arbitrary and I would love some feedback on what should be increased and/or lowered. I would also like to include as many mod mobs as possible in the default config so help with this would also be much appreciated.


Slice'n'Splice and Recipe Changes

A new machine has been added called the 'Slice'n'Splice. This allows you to slice open mob heads and splice in various materials. This machine only has a few recipes but expect more soon. To incorporate the new items created in this machine I have gone through all the recipes and made many changes so make sure you check NEI before crafting something.


There have also been some tweaks to the way the farm and works, many new config options have been added and bugs fixed. 






Testers for 2.1 beta required

With the demise of the MJ API, I have decided to removed support for it from Ender IO for the next release. As EIO was originaly an MJ only mod, all internal power handling was based on this API, with RF support only added later. Removing MJ support has allowed me to revisit and simplify a lot of the code base, which is a very good thing for ongoing maintanance. As a result of this howver, a huge percentage of classes have been modified in some way as part of this work. When this happens there is always a good chance to introduce bugs, particualrly to existing worlds where all existing power values need to be converted to the new system.

I have tested all the changes individualy and tested in a reasonably large world with a complex EIO setup using the Bevo Tech Pack, and everything seems to be behaving ocrrectly. I would really appreciate if poeple could test this new release and let me know how it goes. Reports of 'didnt even notice the change' are just as valuable as bug reports as it will give me confidence that 2.1 is ready to for full release.

Main points to note:

- tier one conduits have had their IO dropped to 640 RF/t (now changeable in the config)

- machines will no longer connect to Build Craft kinesis pipes, and EIO power conduits will not be able to power BC machines (until the RF based 6.1 version of Build Craft is released)

- all config options are now in RF. New names have been given to all settings that where previously in MJ (normaly just RF appended to the end). As such, if you have customised power settings you will need to reapply the changes

- it is suggested you delete your old config and let it regenerate (this is not required, but the config will be very messy if you dont)

- as allways BACK UP YOUR WORLD

Thanks to everyone who is able to help me out with this migration.

The beta is available here:





Extra Information

Bugs & Feature Requests

If you are having an issue, or want to discuss any features, please use the Minecraftforum thread found here. If you have a specific bug to report or a feature to request, please use the issue tracker or the wiki found at the Github page here.

Redistribution & Modpacks

EnderIO binaries may be distributed as part of any mod pack. Attribution and a link pack to this forum post would be appreciated. It would also be nice if you let me know when you add it a mod pack by sending me a PM. Please don't redistribute the binaries out side of a mod pack without asking first or I will be all sad.


EnderIO is licensed under the WTFPL license (do what the f*** you want to public license).